May 22, 2013 Pieter Hartsook

How to see what your Website looks like on a Mobile Device

NoDiamonds_iPhone4-150x279pxMobile devices like smartphones and tablets continue to increase their already significant share of website views. According to Walker Sands, a rapidly growing public relations and digital marketing agency for B2B and technology companies, its most recent Quarterly Web Traffic Report found 23 percent of total website visits in December 2012 derived from mobile devices, an 84 percent increase over December 2011, and a 283 percent increase over January 2011.

You should know how your website will look and work on a variety of these devices. Do you need a Responsive design that scales appropriately when the browser width is reduced? Do you need a separate mobile theme or website? Do your media files display on iOS devices?

You could build a collection of iOS and Android devices to use for testing your website, or you could use a convenient online tool at the Mobile Web Transmogrification Portal. According to the website:

The Mobile Web Transmogrification Portal is the only online simulator that spoofs user agents and allows you to surf the mobile internet from the comfort of your desktop browser.


This online emulator is also great if you need to capture a mobile device screenshot of a web page since you get a picture of the web page and the mobile device itself. The alternative is to make a screenshot on the device and mail the file to yourself (see: How to capture a screenshot on an iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone).

Here’s how the online emulator looks
(click here if you want to go to the live version on their website):


click this image for a larger view

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