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What Is It?

Easton Cycling manufactures and sells high-end equipment for mountain, road and tri / TT bicycling. As a leader in its industry, Easton Cycling not only wanted to provide full featured e-commerce capabilities, but also be the resource for complete technical details and reviews about its products as well as the source for information and community among cycling enthusiasts.

Why It’s In Our Portfolio

We think it’s amazing!

  • Each type of bicyclist “ Mountain, Road and Tri / TT “ is very different, so each benefits from its own visual identity and content. WordPress, a full function content management system (CMS), allows Easton Cycling to efficiently manage one website with multiple visual themes.
  • As a global company, Easton Cycling needs to cater to customers around the world. Each combination of region and language has its own product range and inventory. No Diamonds customized its Magento installation to display content into other languages and regions, for example Canadian French. We also customized the qTranslate plugin for 5-character country codes (e.g., “en-us” for U.S. English and “fr-ca” for Canadian French).
  • We used the custom fields capability of WordPress to maintain data for the 3 different cyclist experiences in each of the different country / language combinations.
  • By using the Cufon font technique we can maintain the brand integrity of Easton Cycling by allowing us to use non-web standard fonts on the web that are readable by search engines.
  • Magento e-Commerce software allows for a complex product catalog that includes detailed product description, multi-page installation instructions, customer reviews, press mentions, a wishlist, and the ability to share a page via email or compare products.

No Diamonds also developed Easton Sports’ Easton Hockey, Easton LaCrosse and Easton Baseball Blogs websites.

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