November 6, 2014 Philippe Alexis

Update from WordCamp San Francisco 2014

WCSF14-4-of-7I had the wonderful opportunity to attend WordCamp San Francisco 2014, the year’s largest conference about WordPress.
This event is one of the highlights of my year – it’s exciting to meet new people, and to hear about cutting edge developments in the World of WordPress. I recommend watching Matt Mullenberg’s (WordPress founder) keynote speech:

Some notable ideas

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.10.30 AMComing up in Version 4.1

  •  Improve the editor features.
  •  Improve the performance of drop-down menus of users and posts (ie. the page parent selector), most likely by implementing Select2.
  •  UI on the user profile screen which displays a user’s logged in sessions and allows them to be logged out.
  •  New default theme, Twenty Fifteen.
  •  Improved UI for installing and updating plugins and themes (async installation), possibly core too.
  •  Improvements to media management on mobile devices.
  •  Ability to install new languages after install.
Overall it feels as if in 2015 WordPress is about to undergo a transformation in internationalization and flexibility – a lot of fast change is ahead!

About the Author

Philippe Alexis “In 1997 I was working in the City of London in an investment bank, dealing with financial derivatives, when one day the IT staff set up a fast Internet connection on my computer. It changed my life. I spent the whole day surfing the early web, and from that day I realized that I wanted to be involved with it somehow in my professional life. It took 2 years to transition to working as a web developer. I started creating basic sites for charities (like Re-Cycle). After working for an Internet start up (bivio, improbably still alive today), I set up No Diamonds.”

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