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Marketo Operations

Our Marketo experts become an extension of your marketing team and help you run your campaigns on a day-to-day basis. We take on any, or all of the following tasks:

  • Marketo campaign strategy, tactics, and processes
  • Audit and optimization of Marketo
  • Marketo operations best practices and governance
  • Lead Management & Nurturing 
  • Marketo Email marketing 
  • Data hygiene & governance
  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Analytics and reporting
  • GDPR compliance

Lead Management & Nurturing:

We will help you improve your lead quality, reassign leads for follow up and pass cold leads to the sales team to re-engage. We focus on the following areas:

  • Lead information mapping
  • Lead fields, rules and profiles configuration
  • Lead funnel stages
  • Auto assignment process in your CRM system
  • Data audit and cleansing needs
  • Behavioral and demographic lead scoring
  • Sales insights and alerts
  • Lead recycling campaigns
  • Lead nurturing campaigns
  • Lead routing & qualification

Marketo Email marketing:

We will help you plan, launch and take learnings from your email marketing campaigns.

  • Design, build, test, execution and reporting of email campaigns
  • Landing page creation
  • Optimize lead capture forms
  • Creation of customer personalized journeys and communications
  • A/B test landing pages
  • Reporting

We’ve worked with NoDiamonds over the last year to develop demand generation programs in Marketo.

They’ve proven to be able to bring in hands-on experts who have improved our forms, scoring, nurture programs and overall marketing automation strategy.

NoDiamonds has also demonstrated strong project management and measurement. They’re a great team to work with.

Darren C, Vice President Marketing

Marketo Services

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Marketo Consulting →

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Optimization Advice
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment
  • Data Strategy
  • Lead Strategy
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Marketo Operations

  • Strategy, Tactics & Processes
  • Campaign Build & Execution
  • Data & Lead Management
  • Audit & Optimization
  • Email Marketing
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Marketo Migration →

  • Scope & Plan Migration
  • End2End Migration Support
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Imports from Legacy Database
  • Testing Post-migration
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Marketo Onboarding →

  • Initial Configuration
  • Framework Implementation
  • Consulting & Scoping Sessions
  • Program Set-up
  • Landing Page Template Build