Established in 2001, No Diamonds designs and develops websites on the WordPress, BuddyPress and Magento platforms.  Read here about why we chose the name “No Diamonds”, meaning no bling.

About the Team

Philippe Alexis No Diamonds Founder and CEO

Philippe Alexis, Founder and CEO

After a stint as a derivatives trader, Philippe started developing small websites in 1998. He worked for a startup (bivio) until 2001 when he started No Diamonds. Since then he has been focused on growing the company, managing hiring, sales and marketing. He has been virtual CTO for Silicon Valley startups including Vector Green Reading.

He has scoped and managed hundreds of web projects, all Open Source, using multiple technologies such as PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal,  Magento and WooCommerce. You can reach him at

Anish Blon, Lead Developer

Anish is No Diamonds’ lead developer. He has 8 years of experience in Web Development. He holds a degree of Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from Kathmandu University. He is an expert in dealing with WordPress, WooCommerce and BuddyPress implementations. He is also proficient in SOAP, JSON, API and Object Oriented Programming.


Srdjan Popovic, Developer

Srdjan is an expert in web development, e-commerce and complex web hosting setups. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Internet Systems Development from the University of Portsmouth and has over 20 years of experience in working with Internet and Web Development. He currently focuses on WordPress and Drupal development for large sites.


Hilary Ledoan, Designer

Hilary is a native of the Bay Area and studied Psychology and Biology at UC Berkeley. She specializes in user experience design and branding, using techniques of science and psychology to drive her designs.



Hilary Somers, Project Manager

Hilary worked for a decade at Google in project and product management, technical support, and user experience. After three kids, she decided to take a break, but couldn’t stay away from the Internet for long, and now she’s the project manager at No Diamonds and super happy about it!


Rueben Chigaru, Adwords & Facebook Ads Specialist

I was born in Zimbabwe. I’ve been doing digital marketing for 14 years, first with SEO then Paid Search.

I am an experienced digital marketer with expertise in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, lead generation and e-commerce. I have increased lead volume and revenue through organic search as well as built marketing campaigns for digital products, physical products and lead generation using paid traffic. Right now my focus is purely on eCommerce and Lead Generation via Paid Search.

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