Meet the team 

We are a diverse team of unique people, mostly based in the US but with enough people in other countries around the world to ensure someone is always awake and working! Some of the countries represented in our team are England, Nepal, Switzerland, Thailand, the U.S. and Zimbabwe.  This diversity of perspective promotes an open-mindedness which enhances creativity. We do a great job – check out our projects and speak to us!

After a stint as a derivatives trader, Philippe started developing small websites in 1998 by teaching himself HTML.

    Philippe Alexis
    Founder & CEO

    Anish is NoDiamonds’ lead developer. For last twelve years Anish has been building custom WordPress websites for businesses and individuals

      Anish Blon
      Lead Developer

      Hilary spent 10 years at Google in various project management and technical roles before joining NoDiamonds in 2017.

        Hilary Somers
        Project Manager

        Rueben has 14+ years of digital marketing experience with a particular focus in paid traffic and conversion tracking.

          Rueben Chigaru
          Tracking & Paid Search

          Hilary is a native of the Bay Area and studied Psychology and Biology at UC Berkeley. She specializes in user experience design and branding

            Hilary Ledoan

            Miriam has 8+ years of experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. She has a special interest in User Interface.

              Miriam Chaturvedi

              IV is located in the Bay Area, California. She has a BS degree and extensive experience in graphic design; and later on ventured into UX/UI

                IV Javier

                Kiran is a full-stack web developer who can easily adapt to any technology. She loves to travel and explore different cultures

                  Kiran Nasim

                  Sarah has 20+ years of digital marketing and project management experience with particular focus on customer acquisition and conversion.

                    Sarah Strang
                    Project Manager

                    Sam is a Marketo Certified Solution Architect and has 10+ years of experience in leading Global Marketing Operation Initiatives, B2B & B2C.

                      Sam Raj
                      Marketo Expert